Jack Chesser

About Me

Hello! My name is Jack Chesser, a student at Taylorville High school. While present at Taylorville HIgh I have stayed active in many extracurricular activities such as LLCC college now, Student Council, Purple reign, Varsity cross country, and varsity track. Additionally, I am a member of the Christian County CEO program. and I am ecstatic to be a part of this journey. This phenomenal program will help me with many social skills that normal schooling can not teach, along with many business skills I will use all throughout my life whether that be a four year university with a stable job or two years at a community college to further my business experience.

About My Business

E-Z is a company made to make Gardening easy. I have always wanted a hands-on job, and I love woodworking. I will be making custom-raised garden beds and planter boxes. The raised garden beds will be my primary product, but the plantar boxes will be there for people who don't want a full garden bed. The raised garden beds will be custom-made to the exact dimensions and color the customer wants and will be delivered to their door. This will allow anyone who needs a garden bed of any size to easily obtain one of these helpful tools. These garden beds will be a staple to any backyard and will even help eliminate gardening related back problems.