Hallie Smith

About Me

My name is Hallie Smith and I am a senior this year at Taylorville High School. I currently participate in Cross Country, Track and Field, Key Club, National Honors Society, and Tommy Photo. As well as participating in extracurriculars within the high school, I attend Lincoln Land Community College and have taken dual credit classes to reach my goal of obtaining an associate's degree as soon as possible. Outside of school, I work at Angelo’s and BigM Berry Batch during the summer. During my free time, I enjoy painting, taking photos, and spending time with my friends. Following graduation, I plan on majoring in Architecture Design while minoring in photography.

About My Business

Growing up with a natural love for artistic expression, I transformed my lifelong passion for art into a reality by creating my business, Classical Creations. Classical Creations is a solution for those tired of boring, basic, mass-produced ceramics that flooded the stores. Drawing on my dedication to learning pottery, I engage in every step of the creation process—from wedging the clay to skillfully throwing on the wheel and applying the finishing glaze. Each piece is a unique design that brings affordable, handcrafted beauty into the lives of those who appreciate the artistry behind each creation. Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with Classical Creations. If you want to purchase any of my pieces, please follow my Instagram page @classicalcreations.co or Facebook @ Classical Creations. You can also contact me by phone at (217) 820-3314 or by email at classicalcreations2024@gmail.com.