Daniel Sloan

About Me

Hello! I’m Dan Sloan, and I am proud to be a member of the Class of 2022 Christian County CEO program. My decision to join this unique entrepreneurial class was due primarily to reputation. My older brother, Seth, was a member of the CEO program during his senior year, and he spoke so much of how the skills he mastered have made him stand out in college among thousands of students. The public speaking, interviewing, greeting, management, and planning skills (to name a few) are critical to succeeding in business, and the CEO program is the best way to enhance those skills!

About My Business

Hello! I’m Dan Sloan, a senior at Taylorville High School. Throughout my high school career, I have involved myself in various activities, ranging from cross-country to student council. However, I have also been interested in one other area: professional style. I have learned that anyone can wear a suit and look good, but most people neglect to wear accessories, such as wrist watches. These watches not only tell time, but they play an integral part in a person’s overall appearance, and the watch should reflect that person’s characteristics. 


After long consideration, I decided to start Watch List, a business centered around all aspects of timepieces. Mainly dealing with wrist watches, I provide the three R’s: repair, resale, and rental. With the first R, I will service watches that belong to customers for a fair price. Whether the task be as simple as battery replacement and calibration, or as complex as glass repair, I can meet my customers’ needs. With the second R, I will have a selection of watches that customers can buy from. The selection will include men’s and women’s watches, classic and modern, new and old, and expensive and inexpensive. With the final R, I understand that not all people want to own a watch, but perhaps wear something flashy for a one-night event. As such, I offer rentals, ranging from one night to one week timeframes. The rental selections will consist of the same watches that are available for sale, should the customer decide they wish to keep the watch. Above all, my goal is to help all people either find or maintain their unique watch, which accents who they are in a subtle, yet effective way.