Owen Morgan

About Me

Hello I'm Owen Morgan, currently a senior at Taylorville High School. Having spent my entire life in this community, I've developed a few hobbies such as fishing, running, and trading on Facebook Marketplace. My journey with the cross country and track team began in 6th grade, and I've cherished every moment since. Thanks to my older brother Evan, a graduate of 2022, I became familiar with the CEO program. With its impressive reputation, I took the opportunity to participate this year and acquire valuable life lessons for my future.

About My Business

My brother, Evan Morgan, created a business in 2022 called Lake Shore Spores, and I have joined Lake Shore Spores to become a co-owner. At Lake Shore Spores, we grow and sell gourmet mushrooms. We sell these gourmet mushrooms directly to consumers and at local farmers' markets. Our mission at Lake Shore Spores is to provide high-quality, locally-grown mushrooms to our community. As co-owners, Evan and I are dedicated to continuously expanding our product offerings and serving our customers with the freshest and most delicious mushrooms possible.