Jordan Staples

About Me

Hello, I’m Jordan Staples and I’m a Taylorville High School senior. I was born and raised in Taylorville and have spent my whole life in the community. I have decided to join the CEO Program for the many opportunities it offers and the skills it can teach me. I have been a Tommy TV member for three years. I intend to use the skills from both TommyTV and the CEO program to my benefit in my future career.

About My Business

Rollin' in Dough is Christian County's go-to business for delicious sweet breads, crafted with care by yours truly. Each loaf is baked to perfection, aiming to be the best in town. From the comforting cinnamon swirl to unique seasonal flavors, there's something special for every sweet tooth. As a passionate side hustle, I pour love into every slice. Ready for a taste of happiness? Order now and let's get you Rollin' in Dough! check me out on Facebook.