Jay Bliler

About Me

Greetings! My name is Jay Bliler and I am currently a senior attending Taylorville High School. I am an active member of both FFA and the National Honor Society, which have both helped me to develop my character and skills. In my free time, I love to socialize and interact with people from all walks of life, and work on my family's farm. With the aim of acquiring valuable life and business skills,  I made the decision to join the CEO program. I am excited to immerse myself in this program, as it presents a unique opportunity for me to develop my leadership abilities and learn from other aspiring entrepreneurs. As a young individual exploring the world of entrepreneurship, I feel blessed to be a part of this program. I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead, filled with growth, learning, and new experiences. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me!

About My Business

Blue Ribbon Bookkeeping is a business that offers bookkeeping services and generates reports for local businesses in Christian County. Through my experience in CEO, I have learned where to focus my passions to achieve success in my career. I have always been passionate about math and finance, and I have turned this passion into my business. I aim to work with local businesses that are seeking bookkeeping services and insightful reports on their business operations. My ultimate goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant and work as an accountant for local businesses in Taylorville. This business is a crucial step towards achieving my goal.