Carter Donnan

About Me

Hi there! My name is Carter Donnan and I'm a senior at Taylorville High School. I wanted to join the  CEO class to learn more about leadership and how you can be a great worker. I also joined the CEO class because I wanted to see how some businesses started and what it took to start those businesses and how hard it was to start the business. I am most excited to learn about what local business owners go through on a day to day basis and the systems they have in place to ensure they are profitable.I am looking forward to a great year in the CEO program.

About My Business

Hello I’m Carter Donnan, and I’m the founder and owner of CD’S NUTZ. I chose to start CD’S NUTZ because I find it fun and it’s a business I think was needed. CD’S NUTZ will be selling pecans that are flavored because pecans are boring and don’t taste great unless you have flavoring. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook, all you have to do is send me a message about what you would like and when you would like them by and I will have them there. I will also be at farmer's markets and more.