Andie Koontz

About Me

My name is Andie Koontz, and I am a senior at Pana High School. At school, I am the president of the art club and play in the varsity scholar bowl team. In my free time, I love immersing myself in creative endeavors, including art, poetry, and most notably, perfumery. I am passionate about turning my creative talents into a successful business, and I believe that CEO will provide me with the insights I need to achieve said goal. Through my self-employed freelance work in baking and art commissions, I have already learned a little bit, and am eager to learn even more from professionals. My hope is to gain a clearer perspective on my career path and personal aspirations.

About My Business

Tale Feathers offers a unique and sustainable way to discover new literary treasures. Our "book blind dates" feature carefully curated secondhand books, beautifully wrapped to create a delightful surprise element.  By choosing Tale Feathers, you not only support a more environmentally responsible approach to reading but also contribute to a good cause–5% of all profits are donated to the Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue. Eventually, we aim to develop a sustainable online presence as well as selling to stores nearby.