Lucas Rexroad

About Me

Hello! My name is Lucas Rexroad. I am the graduating Class of 2023 at Taylorville High School. During my High School Career, I wrestled and played golf. I am a part of Purple Reign and, of course, the Christian County CEO program. My favorite hobbies are playing sports, working out, and doing outdoor activities. I joined CEO because of my interest in business and finance. After graduating, I intend on getting a business degree. I also plan on getting a real estate license. CEO has given me so many opportunities in the business realm, and for that I am very thankful for this program.

About My Business

Are you tired of high egg prices at your local grocery store? Do you want quality Farm Fresh eggs from a local business? Well look no further than L.R. Eggs. At L.R. Eggs we pride ourselves in feeding our chickens quality feed to produce quality eggs. Our eggs are the perfect addition to your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or baking recipes. Why settle for average eggs when  you can have L.R. Eggs? Give me a call at (217)-827-0233.






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