Jayce Kocurek

About Me

Hi there! My name is Jayce Kocurek and I am a senior at Edinburg High School. I wanted to join the CEO program to learn about entrepreneurship and the foundations of business. I have seen my family’s business and that inspired me to want to learn more, and potentially create my own business in the future. I am most excited to learn about what local business owners go through on a day to day basis and the systems they have in place to ensure they are profitable. I am looking forward to an awesome year in the CEO program!

About My Business

My name is Jayce Kocurek, and I am the owner of a business called “Stick to It”. My business is dedicated to expanding school pride, spreading awareness, or just creating fun and creative stickers for anyone of all ages. My stickers can be customized and made to your liking, they can also be applied to cars, and any sort of case, or anywhere else you would like to apply stickers. So if you would like a custom made sticker get a hold of me at (217) 741-4782.






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