Averi Stephens

About Me

Hi, my name is Averi Hannah Stephens! I was born on September 13th, 2004 in Springfield Illinois. I currently live in Taylorville, and I attend Taylorville High School. I have an older brother, named Tyler, who is my biggest fan and best friend. Tyler is 30 years old and serves our country in the United States Air Force. My mom's name is Jenni and she runs a building for Carriage Crossing Senior Living and my dad, Chad, works at Taylorville Memorial hospital as an emergency room nurse. When I go to college I plan to get my degree in business administration, then go on to manage a hospital. I have 5 cats and 3 dogs whom I love very much. I am involved in several extracurricular activities including National Honors Society, Basketball. Student Council, Softball, and Purple Reign. I am president of Purple Reign and hold a spot on Student Council Executive Board as the Purple Reign Liaison. Three adjectives that describe are outgoing, loyal, and fun. In my free time, I am usually hanging out with my friends Summer, Abby, or Jessi and I love to go shopping. I took CEO to get a good insight on what it really takes to run a business.  

About My Business

Hello! My name is Averi Stephens and I am a part of the Taylorville High School graduating class of 2022. I enjoy participating in several extracurricular activities such as Student Council, National Honors Society, and Purple Reign. I also enjoy watching Netflix, hanging out with my friends, and playing with my pets. However, there is one thing that I LOVE, and that is my Jeep. This is how I came up with the business Sunshine Car Company. 

Sunshine Car Company was founded in March of 2022. The purpose of the business is to provide customers with cute and customizable car charms. You may be wondering, “What are car charms?” Car charms are decorative hangers that hang from the rearview mirror of your car. I make designs such as cancer ribbons, flowers, quotes, sports logos, animal prints, and many many more. I also take custom orders that can be placed through messaging me on my Facebook or Instagram @sunshinecarcompany! You can also reach out to me at my email which is stephensaveri@gmail.com. Remember: When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine☀️