About Us

In October, 2013, Craig Lindvahl, from the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship spoke to those in attendance at the Christian County Economic Development Corporation Annual Meeting about the CEO Program.  After the meeting, eight community members joined together and said, "we must get this program in Christian County."  A steering committee of Dee Krueger, Mary Renner, Mayor Greg Brotherton, Randy Miller, Amy Hagen, Ken Hart, Gary & Brenda Spurling.  The first order of business was to see if local high schools were interested in the CEO Program.  Superintendents and principals were all on board and ready to offer the program to their students.  Next, a CEO Board of Directors was formed and the work began.  Community members, businesses and organizations were solicited as Investors.  Our list of investors, grew and grew.  The Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship offered detailed information about what to do next.  Through a year and a half of planning, student applications were taken for the 2015-2016 school year. Nine students were selected to participate. The Board of Directors continues to solicit investors and mentors.  If you would like to be involved, please contact any Board Member.